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Representation of Victims of Road Traffic Accidents

To defend your legal rights as adequately as possible in the event of a road traffic accident, you need a lawyer. Listed below are some of the most common cases where insurance companies deny accident claims, in which you can turn to us in order to receive specialised assistance in the field of insurance law:

○ Seeking liability from and imposing penalties to the insurer or another participant in a road traffic accident in the event of an incident involving a pedestrian.

○ Representation in the event of imposed criminal and administrative penalties.

○ Dispute settlement in the event of a risk which is not covered by the insurer.

In the event of vehicle theft;

○ The alarm system was defective or not activated;

○ The certificate of registration /car registration licence/ was left in the stolen vehicle

○ Failure to submit a penal ruling for suspension of the criminal proceedings in connection with the vehicle theft;

○ Allegations of fraud in insurance or intentional cause of an insurance event;

○ Uncovered /excluded/ risk under the insurance contract;

In the event of a Comprehensive Cover of a vehicle, where:

○ Some identified damages to the insured vehicle have no causal relationship with the event;

○ The damages occurred in different periods and were caused by various events, and the insurer was not informed of them;

○ The driver left the accident scene failing to inform the traffic police;

○ The vehicle was driven by an unlicensed driver or a driver who was unauthorised under the respective procedure;