Непознаването на закона не е извинение.
(Латинска сентенция)

Law of Obligations and Contracts

Our firm carries out the following activities related to the various types of contracts:

○ Preparation of preliminary and final contracts for purchase and sales, exchanges, lease or rental contracts, gift agreements, works contracts, contracts of mandate, etc.

○ Actions to seek declaring a preliminary contract as final in court.

○ Real estate transactions – purchase and sale of property, rent, lease, creation and transfer of rights in rem, partitions of property, preparation of transactions and documents requiring notarisation.

○ Debt recovery investigations, conducting the lawsuit until all amounts due are collected in full.

○ Preparation of contracts between counterparties.

○ Preparation of out-of-court settlements between parties.

○ Overall management of the process relating to rental or lease relations between contractual parties.