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Energy and Electricity Production from RES

In connection with the increasing cases of unlawful conduct of EDC /electricity distribution companies/, overcharging on bills for a past period and refusal to pay for all the electricity produced by photovoltaic power stations, we have developed expertise in this particular types of legal proceedings as well. Currently, there already exists an extensive court case-law in the field of energy, including in favour of the consumers refusing to pay their illegally overcharged electricity bills.

○ Claims against EDC in the event of refusal of connection to the grid, continuous electricity disconnection and supply of voltage that is incompliant with the regulatory legislation.

○ Representation in proceedings before the respective court, Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC), Competition Protection Commission (CPC) etc. in connection with any violated rights of producers of electricity from renewable energy sources /Decision No. Ts-33 dated 14.09.2012 of NEWRC /current EWRC/.