Непознаването на закона не е извинение.
(Латинска сентенция)

Аreas of activity

Civil Law and Civil Procedure

Legal representation in courts, consultation of a title deed, a power of attorney, contracts or other documents

Law of Obligations and Contracts

Preliminary and final contracts for purchase and sales, lease or rental contracts, real estate transactions

Representation of Victims of Road Traffic Accidents

Seeking liability from and imposing penalties to the insurer or another participant, defending legal rights after incident

Energy and Electricity Production from RES

Claims in the event of refusal of connection to the grid, representation in proceedings before the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission

Property Law – Movable and Immovable Property

Preliminary and final contracts, title deeds and all necessary documents, legal representation in court proceedings of all instances

Family Law and Succession Law

Divorce, аctions for award of child support, consultancy services and representation in proceedings for domestic violence

Labour Law and Social Security Law

Labour disputes, wrongful dismissal, layoffs, disciplinary penalties, conducting proceedings for unpaid remuneration

Commonhold-Related Actions

Consultancy and representation services in court, defence of a co-owner against unlawful resolutions of the General Meeting

(Български) Регулация и застрояване по Закон за устройство на територията

(Български) Консултации относно право на строеж, сервитути, ПУП и ПРЗ

(Български) Регистрация и обслужване на сдружения с нестопанска цел

(Български) Консултации и регистърно производство относно Фондация, Асоциация, Спортен клуб и др.

(Български) Застрахователно право – договори и обезщетения

(Български) Застрахователни събития, отговорност, съдебни искове и споразумения

(Български) Морско международно и национално право

(Български) Арест на кораб, съдействие при регистрация на плавателни съдове